Psychic Medium Near Me in Hicksville NY 11801

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Psychic Medium Near Me Hicksville New York 11801

Q: Do psychic mediums ever cheat? If they do … does that disqualify whatever that they say, or can some stuff be precise and truthful, and other info … not so much? And what are the most common ways that a psychic or medium CAN cheat? Exactly what are the approaches and exactly what are the warning signs that a reading is going in a direction that’s deceitful as well? In this post we are going to take a fast and easy look at a few of the common cold reading methods a BAD medium will use, and what you can do to put an end to it too. Curious to understand more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!Filed Under:

Conventional Cold Reading Techniques

Asking leading questions. Asking GENERAL questions that could (or must) apply to anyone and everybody. Using deceptive body language that appears to be “angling” for info. (leaning in … leading back … changing voice inflection higher or lower to measure YOUR action, etcher)

The good news is, cold reading is very easy to find and unless you are so eager to believe, you must NOT have difficulty spotting a reader who isn’t really being instinctive, however rather … is fishing for information.The remedy for a cold reading medium?Say as low as possible. Offer yes and no responses and keep mum about the information of why you are calling (or there in person) and what you want to know. (or whom you want to connect with as well) An excellent medium will STOP you from stating excessive, whereas a bad one will welcome you spilling the beans.Filed Under:

An Insistence That They’re 100% RIGHT

I need to be a wee bit careful about this one, because periodically … you DO wish to listen when an excellent medium is insistent they are right. Nevertheless, in my Twenty Years of experience with psychics and mediums both personally and expertly alike, a BAD medium is one who consistently firmly insists that they understand best, or better than you about a situation or circumstance that doesn’t ring true.For example? Every now and then you’ll see a popular medium on TV firmly insist that somebody get a health check or that they know a particular individual or name an the person reading will withstand. An EXCELLENT medium will gently reinforce what they are hearing and tell you they think it’s true … and that you’ll be able to validate it later. A BAD medium will get aggressively insistent, and defensive … and even periodically, inform you how precise they are, and how rarely they’re wrong.When that happens to ME, it’s a red flag that the medium is not just less than professional … however most likely than not, sly also.

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